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1. My indoor-only cat just got out, and now I can't find him, what should I do?

2. What is a feral cat?

3. What is TNR?

4. What is ear tipping?

5. Can we avoid ear tipping on our ferals/strays in case we can get them homes in the future?

6. What Are The Alternatives to TNR?

7. What is the vacuum effect?

8. How old do the kittens need to be before they can be spayed or neutered?

9. When is it safe to spay/neuter a mother cat and kittens?

10. When is it safe to bring in a lactating female to be spayed?

11. What if the cat is pregnant? Should I postpone surgery until after she has her kittens?

12. Shouldn't cats be allowed to have at least one litter of kittens, to have the joy of motherhood so to speak?

13. Can a cat be fixed when it has diarrhea, sneezing/coughing, ringworm or other contagious disease?

14. Can I bring in more than one kitten in the same carrier or trap?

15. Do you Spay/Neuter dogs?

16. I am secretly feeding a colony of cats at work because my employer says anyone who feeds the cats will be fired. Will TNR of Warren help me trap them?

17. I am currently feeding stray/feral cats, but don't have time to trap, can you please trap for me?

18. Some cats have shown up in my yard, can you come and pick them up?

19. I have been feeding a colony of feral cats. I'm moving. Can TNR of Warren take over feeding them for me?

20. I'm feeding some cats that are in a dangerous situation; can you take them or relocate them to another property?

21. I live in an apartment complex where several cats are running around. Can you help?

22. I have been feeding a feral cat for a year. She lets me pet her now. Can you help me find someone to adopt her?

23. Will TNR of Warren test the cats for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)?

24. I have been trapping for a while, and I am having trouble catching those last few elusive cats, do you have any ideas?

25. How do I actually do the trapping?

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