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What if the cat is pregnant? Should I postpone surgery until after she has her kittens?

There are millions of animals, tens of thousands in the metroplex area alone, that are euthanized annually because of the overpopulation problem. This is a controversial topic with many people. Even those that are pro-choice for humans, have a hard time sterilizing (effectively ending the pregnancy) animals that are pregnant. There are many reasons to get the cat spayed while pregnant. First and foremost, this may be the one and only time you ever catch this cat if it is feral. Cats become trap wary or smart, and it is hard to catch them even a second time. Second, if you wait until after the kittens are born to have the mother fixed, you have just added to the cat overpopulation (and euthanasia) and risk having the mother cat become pregnant before the kittens are weaned (this happens more often then you think!) Third, many cats have had multiple litters of kittens and the more they have, the more stress on their bodies; especially feral cats who may have had their first litter as young as 6 months old. They are more susceptible to mammary cancer. Ovario-hysterectomy (spay surgery) alleviates this problem.

By spaying the pregnant feral cat, you spare her future offspring the guaranteed hard and short life of a feral cat; saving them from cruel humans, cars, harsh weather, starvation, and predators.

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