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Can a cat be fixed when it has diarrhea, sneezing/coughing, ringworm or other contagious disease?

It is best to only bring in healthy cats. Anesthesia can increase the severity of many symptoms such as diarrhea, or URI, by lowering the immune system's response. This can sometimes lead to life and death situations. Ringworm, mange or other diseases that may not be life threatening, can also worsen with the affects of anesthesia. Aside from the facts of the cat who is sick, there is also the possibility of spreading the illness to otherwise healthy cats, whether in our clinic or in the same household or area. Although we have strict protocol for ill animals and thorough hygiene to prevent contamination or communication of disease, we strongly request that you not bring in animals that are ill.

On the other hand, if we are talking about feral cats, then there is a different issue. As feral cats become trap wary or smart, it is often hard to catch them even a second time. For this reason, we must act when we can with feral cats. Most can be fixed and given very powerful, long-acting antibiotic injections at the time of surgery. This is usually enough to help their immune system. The veterinarian will always assess a cat's health prior to surgery. If there is a concern, the veterinarian or technician will call the caregiver to discuss surgery and treatment options.

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