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I am secretly feeding a colony of cats at work because my employer says anyone who feeds the cats will be fired. Will TNR of Warren help me trap them?

TNR of Warren, for legal reasons, will not send volunteers to trap on private property where caregivers are not authorized to continue feeding the cats on their return or where it is known that the owner of the private property is opposed to TNR. The position the volunteer trapper could be faced with is entirely untenable. Volunteers could be cited for trespassing. They could be faced with hostility when they come to trap. When they return to release the cats they could be met by a hostile property owner that refuses to allow them to return the cats. We can assist you by trying to help educate the property owner about the benefits of TNR. We have publications to help with this and/or we can even come talk to your employer if they are willing to listen to us. You may also seek to find places near your workplace that are not on private property, so that you may legally trap and feed there. We will still loan you traps for that endeavor.

TNR of Warren has a long list of people waiting for our help and willing to have the cats back, feed them and let them live out their lives. It is a waste of scarce resources to TNR cats that will be killed on return. We must change the views of the property owners to save the lives of the cats. Trap and Kill does not work. Ordering people not to feed does not work. Unfortunately cats die every day when people believe these things work.

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