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I am currently feeding stray/feral cats, but don't have time to trap, can you please trap for me?

First, feeding without trapping is making the problem exponentially worse in a short period of time. The only time you should feed and not trap is for a very brief period at the beginning of trying to maintain a colony. (This will get them used to a time and place to be fed, and then you put out traps in that area when a consistent schedule has been set up). We understand the compassion and heart that you have for the cats, but you must make that final step to make your endeavor a responsible one.

Second, once you have a fixed feeding schedule, trapping takes just a small amount of time more than just feeding does. By placing traps out where and when the normal feeding takes place, you can quickly trap cats.

Lastly, we encourage all able-bodied humans to take the initiative to do the trapping, especially those who are already feeding a colony. TNR of Warren will help you with the necessary traps, and the spay/neuter services. Trapping takes an enormous amount of volunteer time. We simply do not have the resources to trap for someone who does not want to trap or doesn’t have time to trap himself or herself.

We encourage you also to seek help from friends, neighbors, and coworkers to share in your TNR endeavor.

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