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Some cats have shown up in my yard, can you come and pick them up?

TNR of Warren does not pick up cats for removal. We encourage and recommend TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) as an alternative to trap-remove-kill for feral cats. If the cat is tame, you can contact rescue groups or shelters to verify if they have room to take them in. Be advised that from March until late September, it is kitten season, and many rescues and shelters are full. Many animals are euthanized daily for space in many shelters due to overpopulation. You may consider taking care of this stray while waiting for a place to take it in.

If the cats are safe and content, and you are willing to feed them, then please borrow traps from us and/or use our spay/neuter services to make sure that no more cats are born from the group that arrived at your home.

Be advised: we do not loan out our traps or carriers for animals that are to be taken to animal control or other kill facilities. Our resources are for those wishing to end the cat overpopulation problem by using TNR and other responsible methods. Trap and Remove or Trap and Destroy does not work. Other cats will just fill the void.

TNR of Warren is operated solely by fundraisers and donations. Please help us help the animals by donating today.  Send your donation to 
PO Box 2477
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