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I'm feeding some cats that are in a dangerous situation; can you take them or relocate them to another property?

First, a little definition to decide if a location is unsafe. A feral cat is safest and most humanly treated by leaving it exactly where it is. If it is an adult it has already figured out how to traverse it's territory.

We ONLY RELOCATE if an entire city block is being torn down or some circumstance which is that extreme. A busy street, people making idle threats, etc. are not considered a reason to relocate. Humans tend to project their own fears and emotions on the cats and unnecessarily relocate. We have that policy for a lot of reasons. The primary ones are as follows:

Feral cats taken to shelters will be euthanized. Shelters do not have the resources to tame even the smallest feral kittens; it is a labor intensive and time-consuming process. Feral cats are wild, they are not socialized to humans, they are afraid of people. Their temperament prevents them from being placed for adoption.

"The vacuum effect." If you remove the colony, more cats will come.

There is no place to take them. Let's assume for the sake of argument that we had a safe, common relocation area. Given the extremely large number of ferals in the metroplex, unless you severely restrict the guidelines for relocation to that area, any such sanctuary in our area will be filled to capacity in very short order leaving us back at square one.

Next, Relocation is VERY HARD on a feral cat. The success rate of having them stay in the new place even after being confined for 4 weeks (which is extremely hard for them) is only about 50%.

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