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I live in an apartment complex where several cats are running around. Can you help?

In a situation like this, TNR of Warren needs you to take charge. You must speak with your neighbors to find out if the cats are owned. If they are owned, find out if they have been spayed/neutered. Low cost spay/neuter services are available, and will help prevent unwanted kittens that may become homeless. If the cats are abandoned or homeless, a resident needs to take responsibility for the cats. This caretaker must speak with the apartment management to gain their approval to have the cats spayed/neutered and returned to the property (TNR). Once the cats are returned, a permanent caretaker must promise to provide food and water on a regular basis. TNR of Warren can help implement a TNR program, but a resident must take responsibility for the project and educate management and neighbors before TNR of Warren can assist.

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