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What is ear tipping?

Ear tipping is the nationally endorsed method of identifying sterilized, free-roaming cats that are part of a managed colony. Ear tipping is painless and humane. While the cat is under anesthesia for the spay/neuter surgery, the point of the left ear is flattened slightly.

Should a cat that has been ear tipped enter a trap again, it is immediately released since it is clearly marked as having been sterilized. Recognizing a cat in the field as previously sterilized prevents that cat from enduring the additional trauma and risk of another trip to the clinic, being put under anesthesia, and in some cases undergoing exploratory surgery. Not only does the absence of ear tipping cause further trauma and risk to sterilized cats, it wastes valuable resources such as money for veterinary services.

Other forms of identification have been tried, but have not proven to be as effective as ear tipping in signaling early on in the trap-neuter-return (TNR) process that the feral cat is sterilized. For example, internal microchips and ear tattoos are impossible to detect in the field and nearly impossible to detect on a feral cat before it has been anesthetized.

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